One Magic Media Bullet? No such thing!

We are, obviously, approached constantly by potential clients looking to build their business. One thing we come across frequently is the notion that one or two things will create the desired effect. It’s hard to change people’s minds when they are dead set on a belief, but I have to wonder where this notion is derived.

The fact is, there is no such thing as a magic media bullet; one media that will skyrocket sales and perform as the end all, be all solution. Sure, you have your new media pundits and your traditional media lobbyists out there. You have every salesperson from television to print to digital and everything in between. They all spin their media as The One.

The bottom line is this: Just because you finally decided you need marketing, doesn’t mean that you can spend $200 bucks a month and see immediate results. Marketing and advertising is a concerted effort that works when multiple medias are orchestrated. 7 tends to be the magic number.

A person needs to hear your message 7 times before the potential of action even occurs. What media delivers your message 7 times for $200 a month? $2000? Not many. That’s why an integrated program is what works.

Here are some steps to make your marketing and media campaign more powerful:

1. Figure out your conversion. What is it? An email subscription? A phone call? What constitutes a “lead” or “sale?”

2. How can you make the conversion as seamless and easy as possible? Online is definitely the answer, but maybe you’re thinking more old school like direct response or a phone call.

3. Pinpoint which medias will drive people toward that conversion. If it’s a website, use a mixture of search engine marketing, banner advertising, and potentially TV and print advertising. Push all call to actions towards the website and conversion method.

4. Measure and monitor constantly. Which medias are working? Which aren’t? Roll with the punches and move the proverbial shells until your campaign is optimized.
You should be looking to spend real money on a marketing campaign. A couple hundred dollars will get you $10 in return. If it were cheap and easy EVERYONE would be doing it, right?

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  1. Thanks for your tips. Defining a marketing campaign that caters to your needs can be a difficult thing. However, with the proper research into different medias and truly defining your company’s needs combined with a driven marketing team, you can find a campaign that will help you achieve success.

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