Restaurant Brand Review: A Divine Event

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Well, not so much a restaurant as it is a catering company, but it’s the same vein with the same focus: Food. The guys over at Matchstic Branding did an excellent job developing this company’s new brand and event to go to market. The challenge in their words:

Develop a brand identity for a newly acquired catering business in Atlanta. The Atlanta catering market is highly competitive and requires strategic positioning to gain market share.

The solution in their words:

For A Divine Event we positioned the brand as “a passionate love affair with food.” A truly heavenly event torn between divine creation and a devilish desires. The identity suggests the pinnacle of all temptation, the forbidden fruit, the apple. The style accentuates the elegance and beauty by which
A Divine Event is characterized.

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3 Responses

  1. The guys at Matchstix nailed this rebrand and we were more than pleased with them. Our company just want a CATIE AWARD (Catered Arts Through Innovative Excellence) from the Internatinal Caterers Association for the rebrand in Best New Electronic Marketing Collateral

    1. Hey Kendall,
      Very impressed with the work as I am with all the work I post on this here blog. The awards are much deserved and I hope A Divine Event continues to thrive! Cheers!

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