FourSquare: The New Loyalty Program for Restaurants

If you’re in the restaurant industry, you have to know what Foursquare is, what it does and how you can use it in your restaurant marketing. The fact is, Foursquare is the new loyalty program whether you choose to acknowledge it or not. With their latest release, Foursquare now allows merchants (restaurants) the ability to setup multiple levels of specials for multiple levels of loyalty. Check out some of the great features here.

The beauty of Foursquare is it isn’t just about rewarding one person. Users have friends on Foursquare, they link to their Facebook and Twitter where they have more friends. Me, personally, I’m connected for over 2000 people with one check-in. Think about the numbers beyond just me. Not only am I loyal to your place, I’m recommending 2000 friends and promoting your restaurant to them with one check-in. That’s larger reach then any billboard will give you.

PS. Using Foursquare is FREE.

So, what kinds of specials should you setup on your restaurant’s foursquare marketing?

1. First Timers. Encourage first time visitors by offering a freebie of some sort. Maybe it’s a free soda with a purchase of a sandwich, or a free dessert. Something to entice them on their first time at your restaurant.

2. Reward Loyalty & Super-loyalty. When someone checks in more than any other in a month, they become a “mayor.” Reward this person for their patronage with great discounts or freebies. Offer discounts for a certain number of check-ins in a month.

3. Group Specials. Setup a “Swarm” special or an offer for when people show up with friends. Foursquare can see when a bunch of people are checked in to one location. So, send around of specials for when a ton of people are loving your place and if someone comes with a few friends, offer them something for bringing in the extra mouths to feed.

I’m not telling you to break your bank in discounts, but the money you’re spending in advertising to reach a few people here and there can easily be repurposed in this highly effective arena. The best part? You can measure these check-ins and usage stats every month.

This is loyalty on steriods. Steroidalty? or something like that.

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