Menu labeling demands transparency

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I’ve said it hundreds of times, but here is yet another instance where transparency rules. The fact is, if you try to hide the realities and truths about your restaurant, you’ll lose every time. People will find out. We’re natural explorers and discoverers. So, when in doubt about how something should be handled the rule of thumb is to be honest, be open, be transparent and don’t avoid it. The cover up is dead. Honesty is the best policy.

Today on SmartBlogs for restaurants, they have a case study posted about Panera Bread’s take on labeling and pending legislation requiring it. Panera has mostly healthy options, but there are some items on the menu that are surprising high in caloric intake. They’re plan of action is a great, quick read on how transparency wins and makes the adjustment through the legislation with the least amount of turbulence.

SmartBlog on Restaurants – Panera Bread Labeling Case Study

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