Henning Brand Event Invite Design & Branding

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Throughout the years I’ve worked with many PR companies and individuals. They do an amazing job of putting together events, working the media, and making things all come together. One gripe I’ve had with a lot of them is the complete lack of creativity (and budget) on the invitations that go out for the event. Here’s an example: You’re throwing a 100-200 person party to to launch a new product or brand. You have the bells and whistles; all the luxuries and the sponsorships that get attention. Then, you send out an email with all the words centered line after line as an invitation. How boring. Way to kill the hype. This has become standard though and trying to get some “outside of the box thinking” is like trying to tear down a wall with a spoon.

Enter Stitch‘s latest project for Henning Brand. Here is an excellent example of an invitation worth looking at, opening and creating the right tone and vibe out of the gate. Think about what this much thought and care says about the event and what the people think of the recipient.

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