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A Newly Vintaged Liquor Bar

Schiller’s, a New York liquor bar, was starting as a new brand, but they wanted a vintage image and vibe to create the impression of a long-standing brand with a tradition unique to companies that have stood the test of time. One of the ways Mucca did this was by creating original typography unique to the brand. Working with a calligrapher, Mucca found one that worked for the logo, a simple spelling of Schiller’s. They turned that script into a vintage-inspired neon sign for the store front and they continued the typography creation to include a typography that resembled hand writing for the menu. The typography for the menu could be recreated over and over again as they updated or changed the menu, giving Schiller’s another vintage and homemade characteristic. Other vintage effects include the use of subway tile and old-style glass bottles for the sale of their own spirits with large print, not unlike sodas found in the 50’s out of vending machines with handle doors. All the elements work together well to create the desired old-school feel that Mucca and Schiller’s were looking for.









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