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The Thrill Of The Hunt

The tallest of tales typically come from nature. Fishermen and hunters have spent lifetimes telling stories of their great hunts or of the one that got away. Often these tales grow over time and are rarely close to what actually happened in the woods or on the pond. The feeling of the hunt is what inspired the restaurant Tall Tales, an eating experience created by outdoor retailer Gander Mountain to accompany their retail locations. The brand’s goal is to recreate the excitement of the hunt and the feeling of relaxation after a full day of the sporting life. There’s also a vintage feeling behind the brand, carried by the hand-drawn images of sporting scenes not unlike what your grandfather read about in issues of Field & Stream. The brand nails the vibe and kudos to Gander Mountain retailers and Studio MPLS for creatively serving their customers with not just a place to eat after a good shopping experience but also a branding effort loaded with iconic imagery.


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