Off-Beat and Tropical Branding From Tropical Sno

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Few branders get the good fortune of working with a small franchise that serves food, but not in a truck or inside a building. Tropical Sno franchises their brand of shave ice to “dealers” that dole out the treats. One visit to their website and you’ll realize quickly they aren’t shy about claiming their product the best in its class right now. They make shave ice that is so fine, the ice absorbs their real-to-life flavors, which they say will taste as close to the real thing as you can imagine. You’re sold, right? Well, Struck Axiom created a brand for them that takes that vibe and gives it a vacation. Tropical Sno’s tropicalness is evident in their tropical images, tropical colors and of course the name. The brand is also reminiscent of the mid-80’s clothing brands that focused on surf-related clothing. Brands like Catchit, Quicksilver, and Gotcha! excelled in clothes that had a lived-in, laid-back feel. Every day’s a vacation for Tropical Sno and the branding identifies with that. Their print work is also extremely clever. Struck Axiom always strives to make things greater than they really are, and they accomplish that here with their beachy branding as the backdrop to slogans discussing such topics as tiger’s blood, jazz hands and the ever-popular fuzzy navel.


Detail02_TropicalSno Detail03_TropicalSno

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