Cafe Evoke’s Calming Branding

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The Foundry Collective checks in once again, this time with the identity, packaging and interior branding for Oklahoma coffee folks Café Evoke: “A Lovely Spot For Drinks, Eats And Conversation. Come Sip With Us.” The Foundry Collective also designed their print and digital presentations. Evoke is a coffee shop, but it’s the passionate extension of a group of coffee caterers that also work under the name Evoke. They wanted everything about the shop to be an extension of the catering brand, but with new tweaks to help the shop build a new, better brand. Using bright, yet moody colors like dark orange, grey and aquamarine(ish), Evoke establishes a vibe that is one part lazy and two parts cheerful. In lazy, I mean like a rainy Sunday on the couch. The interiors are really warm and the color scheme is balanced with white and a weighty dark brown for the base of the primary counter and flooring. The interior encourages a drop by, but not an extended stay like in a restaurant. This is a great example also of what quality employees can do for a brand. The vibe of what The Foundry Collective help build with Café Evoke is embraced by the good people that run the shop.







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