Branding With A Look To The Past

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Created in a 145-year-old building in Uppsala, Sweden, Stationen didn’t just preserve a historic building at the city’s old railway station; it also gave the city a taste of three different locales around Europe. The building, as is often the case, inspired the entire branding effort by Stylt Trampoli for the restaurant. Using the adventures of the building’s original architect, Adolf Wilhelm Edelsvard, Stationen took shape with a strong locomotive industry vibe. Imagining the type of restaurant Edelsvard would have created, Stylt Trampoli used materials and imagery from the 1860’s, with an eye to the future from back then. The interior was meant to be “timeless and sustainable” and the feel is certainly vintage, but they nailed the part about wanting it to appear as if you stepped backwards in time. The branding is classy and respectful to the surrounding heritage of not just the building, but also the neighborhood. Often when restaurants take over a historic building, they want to capture the essence of the place and Stationen has done just that. These branders imagined what Edelsvard would have created with a high-end budget at his disposal back in his day and Stationen is what became of it.







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