Branding Ethics Authentically

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The Good Steak presents a fresh idea in the world of overwhelmingly high-end and expensive steak houses. Stationed in Barcelona, Spain, The Good Steak does just what its name implies: delivers a good steak meal at a reasonable price with the proper care taken throughout every phase of the farm-to-plate process. Branded by Carmen Virginia Grisolia, The Good Steak takes a light-hearted approach to sustainable and responsible restaurant ethics. Using a friendly typeface in a warm and peaceful purple hue, The Good Steak’s branding creates the intended vibe and an added halo on top of the brand mark for good measure doesn’t hurt. “Good to the bone” is the primary slogan and the halo theme continues with the menu, a document with a heavenly appearance that places a premium on the kind treatment of cows. What Grisolia has created is a lasting brand that conveys the ethics in a soft and subtle way. Companies all over the world want to use their business practices as a part of their branding– when they can –and The Good Steak does so in a transparent and authentic way.










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