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Salads are growing in popularity, there’s no question about that. Nearly every fast casual joint in the country is producing a line of salads that put the traditional salads to shame. The modern-day salad is exotic and diverse and it features ingredients that are unexpected and delicious at the same time. It’s about time folks realized salads can have more colors than just green. This isn’t a blog about the health benefits of a salad, so the rant ends there, but really, the salad is a growing option in fast casual and many restaurants are popping up that specialize in the salad. Salad Pangea does that and they do so with a modern flair, a necessary ingredient in NYC. Tag Collective handled the design for Salad Pangea and their first priority was to give it a global feel, a “multi-cultural experience”. Inserting “salad” into the name is an obvious choice, but the word “pangea” is a curious one. If you don’t know what it means, wait a moment before you look it up. I think this is a great example of words we may know in our subconscious but have forgotten over time. However, that subconscious knowledge helps influence our understanding, whether we realize it or not. Tag Collective did a superb job arriving at this name. Pangea is the supercontinent from over 300 million years ago that made up the majority of land area on Earth. You may remember that from sixth grade geography classes and now that I mention it, you recall it. Right? Yep, brilliant move by Tag Collective. That little connection helps Salad Pangea grab that global feel they wanted. From there the branding is centered on the black and teal color scheme. Salads can only be so posh, but Salad Pangea projects an image of posh, deluxe and classy, nice job for a place specializing in green leaves.














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