Branding With 19th Century Science

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Stepping inside Sydney’s The Monday Room is like walking inside Charles Darwin’s living room, or what you may imagine it to be. Designed by Strategy Design & Advertising, The Monday Room feels like an intricately manicured science museum. Using classic stylings and 19th-century-styled scientific graphics, there’s an element of stepping back in time in The Monday Room. Strategy wanted the restaurant to be a reprieve from the outside world and their creation is one part library and two parts upscale eatery. They luxurified the look with gold foiling and trim around the restaurant and modernized it with a clever use of iPads as image displays scientifically encapsulated. It’s all a clever mix of old and new and it satisfies the desire of The Monday Room’s patron to get away from it all into a place that feels like it’s got some history.

THE MONDAY ROOM_Identity Development_FA4_1

THE MONDAY ROOM_Identity Development_FA2_1

THE MONDAY ROOM_Identity Development_FA3_1

THE MONDAY ROOM_Identity Development_FA5_1

THE MONDAY ROOM_Identity Development_FA6_1

THE MONDAY ROOM_Identity Development_FA7_1

THE MONDAY ROOM_Identity Development_FA8_1

THE MONDAY ROOM_Identity Development_FA9_1





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