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It’s not uncommon that the creation of a brand will find inspiration by a catchy phrase that brandsters will think up. In the case of the sandwich shop The Robin’s Nest, branded by Nadya Bratt, that’s how it went down. Bratt was responsible for the branding of the shop and she used the mantra of the shop (All sandwiches are NOT created equal) and built a brand vibe around it. There’s a cheerful, even comical, nature to the branding of this shop and the hand-drawn logo helps keep the mood light. It’s a simple, casual design that is perfect for a restaurant serving up sandwiches. This is a rebrand that Bratt has completed and the differences in what was and what is now are night and day. She helped create a brand that is identifiable, memorable and unique to the shop. It’s a departure from the old branding effort and The Robin’s Nest gets a clean, professional image to work with moving forward.










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