Making Coffee A Way Of Life In India

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In many parts of the world, including the U.S., the coffee house has been established as a destination, a comfortable place to go, hang out and in general be relaxed. Cafe Coffee Day has long been a major coffee player in India, but a few years ago they approached Landor Associates with a desire to tweak the brand and appeal to a younger set. The decision was to create shops that acted like hubs, or hang outs, for a younger clientele. They influenced this social approach with a smart logo, the voice box, made famous in newspaper comic strips and now the universal symbol of spoken words. With the use of that logo came a branding effort full of smart and clever statements with coffee as the inspiration. What Cafe Coffee Day has done, with good proof that it’s worked, is establish coffee, specifically their coffee, as a way of life and something that should be shared and enjoyed each day. That’s not too different from the rest of world and it was a smart branding step to take.








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  1. I totally agree that striking images and statements will attract younger clientele. The feel of the cafe is one of the reasons why the younger generation would choose a coffee shop as a place to hang out. On top of that, serving mouthwatering desserts to go with the delicious cup and they’ll surely visit often.

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