Caribou Coffee Reintroduces Itself

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Caribou Coffee deserves some credit for sticking around. They came along at the height of Starbucks’ growth and they’ve managed to keep brewing. They’ve recently introduced a redefining of what Caribou is and stands for in the lives of the people that love their coffee. Colle McVoy worked with Caribou on this project to help better position Caribou to compete in the market with Starbucks and other coffee providers like McDonald’s. The redesign began with the original tagline of the brand: “Life is short, stay awake for it.” The essence of the brand evolved from there and led Colle McVoy to imagine all the things worth staying awake for and making that the backbone of the brand’s presentation. The brand breathes clever sayings and images of the fun parts of life. It has a light feel and I enjoy the vibe that resonates with the brand. The designs for the cups are interesting choices. While they’re a bit busy they offer a lot to see and in some way that’s what life is all about, and Caribou wants to be a part of it. It’s a bold move for Caribou, but the brand feels like it’s taking a deep breath with this rebrand, but it’s maintained the integrity of its past. If they don’t survive, it won’t be for a lack of compelling design.











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