Cedars Woodfire Grill Thinks Fast Food Forward

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Sometimes those slogans that accompany brand marks are more than just catchy sayings. Sometimes they inherently advise a potential customer on the brand they’re about to partake in. Other times it’s a saying that succinctly captures the essence of the brand and from there it guides the creation of all the brand’s other aspects.  In the case of the fast-casual franchise Cedars Woodfire Grill, the latter is what happened. They devised this statement to introduce Cedars: “eat well, live well, feel good.” That simple statement guided every decision BrandCory made regarding the creation of Cedars from there on. It’s a modern concept with modern ideas and hence the restaurant presents itself that way. The logo and accompanying imagery has an abstract-blocky feel. The fresh component of this brand comes through in the colors used. It’s all pastels with a punch with a rustic background of dark wood. It’s very modern, open and thought-provoking and maybe a little advanced for a grilled chicken fast food restaurant, but with a crowded market, that’s how Cedars Woodfire Grill separates itself a little.
















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