Sweet Earth’s NoCal Vibe

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The pre-packaged food market will always be big, but it’s also highly competitive. Everyone’s on the go and dinner is usually something folks try to squeeze in around other events of the day. Sweet Earth didn’t want to do anything to change that. In fact, they fully embrace the on-the-go lifestyle, but in a much more California way. We all know the stereotypes about west coast people–they’re laid-back, easy-going and sometimes a little kooky. That’s the kind of stuff they wanted to portray in their line of packaged foods (now sold in California in Whole Foods) and Brandcory helped them shape a brand that speaks all that and comes across as cool and comfortable as a San Francisco morning. The brand vibe here speaks California cool. The colors pop, the textures are refined and environmental and the brand’s tag line says it all: “Enlighten Up, Man.” This brand is also vegan, which of course makes them a little unique and more complicated in some ways, but the brand projects an easy-going feel about their nutrition beliefs. The food photography they use is also truly extraordinary. That’s how food should look on any plate in any restaurant in America, yet it’s coming pre-packaged from the refrigerator. It’s dependable and high-quality, exactly what you want in a product line like this and Sweet Earth is positioned to dominate this very specific category.














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