Disconnecting the tech, to connect to people: Guinness’s new ad is anti-tech

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In any situation, there will be an opposite to the mainstream. “When everyone zigs, zag,” says Marty Neumeier. Well, Guiness’s new print ad (maybe more to come?) that’s exactly what they’re doing. Instead of the hashtags, urls, follow-us-here’s and so on, they’re telling brand loyalists to put the phone down and enjoy good friends and good times. This works for a number of reasons:

1. It gets attention because it’s not the same angle as other brands who are pushing tech interactions like meth.

2. It’s “in brand.” They’ve once again found a way to use another medium to portray their brand. This time using the color of cellphones to make a glass of iconic Guinness.

3. It focuses on the consumer, and not solely the brand. They’re encouraging people to disconnect and have a good time rather than “hey follow us here blah blah blah.”

Guinness anti-tech advertisement

What are your thoughts? What other brands do you see disconnecting?

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