Superb typography in another alphabet in Falafel Aboulziz’s branding

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Designing in another language is hard enough, developing a brand identity in another alphabetic system is an altogether different beast. However, that’s what the team at Wondereight has done quite successfully for Falafel Aboulziz, a falafel shop in Lebanon.

When FAZ asked us to create a falafel shop for franchising – falafel being a culture-anchored food – we made sure that we both share the same vision before we accepted the challenge: To create a brand that respects both a genuine falafel shop and a loyal falafel consumer.

This meant designing a brand enough for duplication, but without affecting the image expected by the falafel consumers, which is no image! ‘So designing without design?’ was the first reaction among our team members…

Quite the challenge for any of us out there, but they executed neatly making sure to provide good design: Maximum meaning, minimal means. The typography is poignant, simple, and strong. It speaks for itself. The little graphic elements you can find are also well done, and simple. By creating continuity and consistency in the image, Wondereight was able to create a brand identity that communicates appropriately and effectively.










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