Heston Blumenthal’s The Perfectionist Cafe’s animated signage

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The brand identity for Heston Blumenthol’s The Perfectionist Café has quite the signage designed by Seymour Powell. It’s animated and when we say “animated” we MEAN it. The video below shows the awesome exterior sign in full motion.

“Partnering with Rob proved to be an invaluable decision. We collaborated together to develop The Clockwork Knife, constantly batting ideas and refinements back and forth until the completion… it was an intense, but gratifying process!” added Chris Houghton, associate design director at Seymourpowell.

The overall branding of the Café is simple, elegant and refined, presenting a counterpoint to the brands and environment surrounding it. The design blends a sense of modern precision with an historical twist to create a sense of whimsical delight. Illustrations of the knife, in a Victorian two-tone style, are carried through to other branded elements of the design including tableware, menus, packaging, retail items, uniforms, stationary and website materials. The menu will celebrate some of Britain’s favourite dishes and embrace the eccentricity of Great British invention.


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