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Belle Epoque patisserie branding

Belle Epoque patisserie branding

Belle Epoque patisserie branding by Mind Design

The elegance and free-flowing graphic treatments of this identity perfectly communications an upscale experience. The color palette is a simple, high contrast black and white, but Mind Design leverages this simplicity to push pops of gold in a smart, fresh way. The flowing graphic carries through the touch points to marry them to a common theme, but it’s done in a fresh way each time. Well done.

Thanks to BP&O for continually diving deeper into projects like this. Check out their coverage here.

01-Belle-Epoque-Gold-Foiled-Gift-Voucher-Mind-Design-on-BPO 09-Belle-Epoque-Shopping-Bags-Mind-Design-on-BPO 07-Belle-Epoque-Shopping-Bags-Mind-Design-on-BPO 03-Belle-Epoque-Gold-Inked-Loyalty-Card-Mind-Design-on-BPO 05-Belle-Epoque-Packaging-Mind-Design-on-BPO 02-Belle-Epoque-Menu-Mind-Design-on-BPO 03-Belle-Epoque-Packaging-Mind-Design-on-BPO 11-Belle-Epoque-Packaging-Mind-Design-on-BPO 10-Belle-Epoque-Packaging-Mind-Design-on-BPO 02-Belle-Epoque-Packaging-Mind-Design-on-BPO 01-Belle-Epoque-Packaging-Mind-Design-on-BPO 04-Belle-Epoque-Still-Life-Mind-Design-on-BPO 03-Belle-Epoque-Still-Life-Mind-Design-on-BPO 05-Belle-Epoque-Still-Life-Mind-Design-on-BPO 04-Belle-Epoque-Packaging-Mind-Design-on-BPO 08-Belle-Epoque-Bold-Foiled-Black-Envelopes-by-Mind-Design-on-BPO 02-Belle-Epoque-Business-Card-by-Mind-Design-on-BPO Photographer Credit : Ed Reeve 06-Belle-Epoque-Coffee-Cups-by-Mind-Design-on-BPO


Joseph serves as principal and creative director at Vigor, a restaurant and beverage branding and marketing firm, and curator/author/podcaster/host for Grits X Grids.


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