Maison Orphee package design

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Real quick: Big apologies for lack of updates. We had a bit of a security breach on our servers which soaked up every second of time over the last few weeks. Nightmarish. There’s a special place in hell for hackers. Let’s all hope they find their way there soon. Onward and upward.

I wanted to share this stellar package design from the brains at LG2 Boutique in Montreal Quebec. Maison Orphee is a family of salad dressings that are all natural and artisan. Although they tout their natural ingredients, the studio has avoided using cliche visual cues that normally imply “organic” and “natural.” Instead they’ve elevated the look with strong color planes, a predominate black bar across the top that holds the core brand identity elements in a highly modern composition. Colors are used to denote different dressing varieties bolstered by simple, yet interesting typographical layouts. The simplicity of the design creates a feel of high-end quality.







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