Curio Spirits Company branding

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I saw this on the Dieline yesterday and almost fell out of my chair in delight. Phenomenal illustration work that marries perfectly with clean design aesthetic. Curio, a distiller of high end gins and vodkas push the boundaries of flavor and design. With flavors like cardamom, rock samphire, and Peruvian cocoa nib, it’s easy to see this isn’t your average vodka and gin brand.

The team at Kingdom & Sparrow took the challenge and ran with a brand identity and package design that’s just as flavorful as the product. They describe it quite well here:

Curio Spirits produce homemade, high end Cornish gin and vodka. We helped to build and brand Curio Spirits—from naming their company, to advising on flavours and flavoursome partnerships, market research and label design. To get across the depth and quality of flavour we created stylised botanical illustrations, relating to the delicately balanced taste of each product. We even sourced beautiful glass stoppers to make opening their spirits an event in itself. It was important to make them stand out because they were launching in a crowded market place. With a unique brand and distinctive flavours we’ve helped to launch them successfully across the country.”

Designed by Kingdom & Sparrow







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