Mama Mafia restaurant branding

I think it’s quite obvious what jumps out about this restaurant brand design. These illustrations are awesome! A lot of times a brand will rely on one singular illustration composition then plaster it everywhere. Not Mama Mafia. They take the style and run across all the touch points creating unique characters that are quite collectable. I sort of want to hold on to every piece.

The limited color palette is used quite wisely which keeps the design interesting, but cost of production low. It’s warm and inviting with a ton of personality. Open Mint, the design firm behind this brand, describes their inspiration perfectly:

Mama Mafia is a delivery service which specializes in Italian and Japanese cuisines.
The concept of the service is a mix of home[made] food like from [mom], the delivery speed, which is faster than a bullet from the Tommy gun, and strict quality control, worthy of Yakuza.

Designed by Open Mint

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