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The Upside Down Popup by Emporium

After the Stranger Things 2 debut a couple of weekends ago its really all everyone in our office can talk about. (Everyone except Natalie, who is slowly but surely catching up.) I’ve been wanting to write about the Pop Up bar in Chicago that was based on the cult following tv show. It was shut down a few weeks ago by Netflix (see their chill cease and desist letter below). The menu nor the logo is anything to write home about but the interior really transforms you into The Upside Down.

I truely believe when it comes to a bar or restaurant that everything down to the last detail really matters. Not only must the food, or drinks in this case, be awesome but the tiny details transform the space from four simple walls to the imagination of the Duffy Brothers. Everything down to the Christmas light message system used by Will and his mom (played by Noah Schnapp and Winona Ryder), to the “Barb wire” separating the smoking area from the sidewalk.

Leah is a designer & thinker at Vigor, a restaurant & beverage branding & marketing agency based in Atlanta, Georgia. She has a rad little pup named Blue.



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