Sometimes, when you think of a wine bar, the words that pop up in your head might be “pretentious”, “stuffy”, “snobby”. Sixty Vine in Texas is bringing wine in a way that knocks down any preconceived idea of a what wine bar usually might be. This place isn’t just for grape educated, anyone who enjoys wine can enjoy this place.

Sixty Vine is about “sharing, tasting, and imbibing.” They’re incredibly organized, single-use, table-top wine menu encourages open discussion, and is totally spill friendly!

What I love about this identity by Tractorbeam is the fun little tag lines used throughout, like “Wine Dine, Sixty Vine”, and the way they treated some of these lines makes it look kind of tipsy. I’m totally diggin’ the penny tile and and the brass logo floors. And the individual tags for the blank bottles give me heart eyes. The wine-sharing mural displayed above the wine taps is by Felix Sockwell which really brings the marvelous space together.