The Croft House is a Modern Australian restaurant located on the ground floor of the Sebel Hotel in Brisbane. The concept behind the branding and interiors was coined as ‘effortless abundance’, pulled from The Croft House’s website to relate to Australia’s abundance in “…nature’s gifts, with golden soil and wealth for toil, with beauty rich and rare. It’s a celebration of us and everything that surrounds, reflected in a refined modern way.” The use of various rich textures (dark woods, brass, dark leathers and dark greenery) contrast nicely with the natural light that floods the space, while that same airiness is applied liberally across their menus. The menus and other print pieces are quiet and refined, complimenting the interiors and letting them be the focus. The use of subtly textured paper and the wooden menu boards are a nice textural touch that adds to the cohesiveness of the look.

Branding and Interiors by BrandWorks.