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Today we’re featuring a Canadian craft brewery and we’re not sorry about it. Halo Brewery is a small brewery in Toronto embracing passion, geekery, and a little bit of rebellion. The identity is created by Underline Studio and they describe this project perfectly…

Halo is an adventurous brewery that takes the traditional recipes of rare styles of beer and then experiments with the ingredients. With a taproom and bottle shop that welcome inquisitive visitors, the brewery needed an approachable brand that matched its unconventional sensibilities. Underline created a logo, labels, packaging and promotional items that use geometric patterns in unexpected colours, resulting in a look that is energetic, modern and a bit rebellious.

The abstract illustrations on these beer labels are just the right amount of trippy, balanced by a Swiss-inspired grid. I could seriously stare at these shapes and colors for the whole drinking session. It’s so fun, I’d have a hard time not grabbing a pack of these off the shelf.


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