Gard’Ann Patisserie got its name from combining the owner’s name (Ann Marie) with the word ‘garden’, lending a high-end French feeling to the brand from the get-go. This is carried through the fashionable serifed wordmark (which features some interesting ligatures combining the G and A as well as the double N) to the interiors, bathed in vibrant greens and pinks and lush upholstery.
The Patisserie is located in Kaposvár, Hungary, and has a local history dating back to 1928 that is kept under heritage protection. The designers at kssimiklos wanted to honor this history, and chose to design the interiors as a contemporary interpretation of a French cafe of the early 20th century. To quote the agency:
The counter was pastel green originally, so I chose the whole space to be painted with this colour, apart from the service corridor which got the colour of pastel pink. I think pastel colours bring patisseries with macarons and other French cakes to the consumers’ mind, so I tried to create a good complementarity between the deep green, the golden tones and the pastels in the place. The whole interior is elegant in a lovely way with a little “French Bohemian” twist.
Gard’Ann Patisserie Branding & Interior Design by kissmiklos.