Your brain can start to run a little slow the Friday before a three day weekend. We decided to focus on some canned coffee branding and packaging today to give you that liquid focus you may need to slog through it. Made Coffee is Florida’s original cold brew coffee (as they tout on their bags) and the color palette reflects that beachy, Florida vibe. Beachy teals and tans, punctuated by dark ocean blues and a subdued hazy sunset orange. Being a Florida grad myself (Go Gata) I’m all over this brand. Well, I’m up for anything that brings some recognition to the Sunshine state besides Disney and Florida Man memes, really. I love the illustration style on the back of the can, walking through the cold brew process. Despite monoline illustrations having this tendency to be a bit cold and stark looking, the colors and rounded shapes bring a friendly and needed dimensionality to the illustrations.

Made Coffee Branding & Packaging Design by Break Maiden.