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Bibo Cocktail Bar Branding & Illustration by ...

Bibo Cocktail Bar Branding & Illustration by Boundless

Bibo is a cocktail bar in West Hollywood with a very distinct way of representing its cocktails. Each drink is elevated to the status of high art with its own bespoke collage, capturing its ingredients, history, origin and spirit. The result is an intriguing surreal cacophony of imagery, leaving the viewer marveling at each collage and trying to dissect its meaning.

Bibo Cocktail Bar Branding & Illustration by Boundless.

Natalie is a graphic designer, illustrator, and generally awesome person at Vigor, a restaurant & beverage branding & marketing agency . She is passionate about branding and designs that create connections between people, communities, businesses, and new ideas, and is a dedicated, hard working designer with a sunny outlook and a knack for people. She enjoys late night road trips, knitting, making people laugh, and acquiring new accents.



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