“The Bell” – Taco Bell’s Pop-Up Hotel & Resort Branding

If you’ve kept your eyes on the news lately, chances are you’ve picked up on this story. Taco Bell is launching a pop-up hotel and resort in Palm Springs for three nights this August. Yeah… that lovely little taco joint that all of us love to not admit we love is pushing the envelope once again, and making some waves in the process. You can get more details on their site here »

First, this is awesome and so “on brand” for Taco Bell. The company doesn’t just have a finger on the pulse of their core Patron, they’re fully immersed. The Bell is another notable notch on their marketing belt which springboards off of their “Taco Shop” merchandise line, advertising tone of voice, and the litany of other marketing tactics that seem to absolutely kill it with the market.

The Bell’s aesthetic is a splashy summertime fun vibe that looks one part La Croix and one part fun-in-the-sun. It’s upbeat, vibrant, and hard to not love. The typography is a strong but simple composition that allows for the rest of the visual elements to jump off the piece. The name leaves a lot to be desired. There are so many sources of inspiration that one would imagine a more creative and witty output. Beyond that one setback, we think this is absolutely awesome.

Not much is known about the rest of the experience, and how the brand’s aesthetic will be integrated into the four walls. We’re secretly hoping for an invite so we can see for ourselves (hey Taco Bell, we influence… we’re important-ish). For now, all we have is what you see in this post including the 11-second teaser video.



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