Beak Pick! Fruit Snack Packaging by Backbone Branding

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These days most of us are choosing to eat like birds, having smaller meals throughout the day and becoming choosier with what we eat. Jam and other sugary fruit-based products are not the healthiest choices, but most still choose to indulge in products that are more natural and made less processed from time to time. Backbone Branding chose to look to the natural world for inspiration when they designed the line of jams and snacks for Beak Pick!, creating surreal illustrations by mashing together images of fruits and birds. Whimsical and fun, the illustrations are bright and eye-catching; I found myself doing a double-take for a few of these because of how perfectly they were collaged. The rest of the label is simple, lacking any other sort of design element besides the logo, product line, and flavor name presented in simple black text on white, really allowing the illustration to take center stage.

Beak Pick! Fruit Snack Packaging by Backbone Branding.


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