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Capitol Cider House Branding by Disciple

Capitol Cider House Branding by Disciple

Hey, folks, it’s the middle of the week and we think we could all use a little break to take a deep breath and enjoy the small things in life! That’s why we decided to celebrate this dope cider house and maybe take a sip or two! Capitol Cider House is located in D.C. aiming to reclaim the original American beverage and doing it right at the heartbeat of the Capital of the US. Striving to bring back this classic drink but to do it in a modern, fun, and engaging way.

Disciple created this magnificent brand from scratch, developing a costume typeface and illustrations to evoke the geometry of DC’s city grid. The whole visual identity plays along the lines of being proudly American; red, white and blue are the three main and only colors in the overall branding and all the graphic elements and layout are just a fun celebration of US icons and symbols.

Capitol Cider House by Disciple



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