The Fish and Chips Shop Branding by Guud Studio

We absolutely love when brands have a strong personality they almost feel like an old friend! And this is the case for The Fish and Chips Shop, it feels like the funny, easy-going, and always ready for some fun kind of friend, the one you can always count on to have some chill and good time. It probably comes across that way because that was how this brand was born, with a group of hungry friends looking for something comforting and tasty to eat.

Fish and Chips is a classic not only in Europe but across the globe; it is a synonym of comfort, relaxed, and good times. That is why for Guud Studio it was key to make this brand transmit just that and that it would honor the classic dish but making it relatable to Barcelona’s funky and cheeky vibe. Using a textured bold serif font and pairing it with these frisky illustrations, Guud came up with this memorable, engaging, and simple brand that quite frankly has us craving some good Fish & Chips.

The Fish and Chips Shop Branding by Guud Studio

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