Del Taco prototype concept design

Del Taco, the often financially turbulent taco brand, has released their newest prototype design and it’s brilliant in the truest sense of the word.

The prototype is indicative of a brand that’s reacted well to the newly shifted consumer purchase behaviors. Order ahead and pickup, third party delivery, and a resurgence of drive-through are all addressed in this new, flexible prototype. Deemed “Fresh Flex” by leadership, Del Taco takes a step in the direction of a fluid approach to new builds with a concept that can adjust its format, size, and amenities with every new unit with zero impact on the brand experience. Additionally, the new concept is optimized for financial investment as it requires a lower net investment from franchisees. Finally, this new concept can be infilled into existing locations which is the plan across the western United States.

What’s particularly striking is, of course, the aesthetics. Del Taco has shed is drab, beige look for a vibrant, bright beacon of fun and freshness. That lime green and white combination is especially remarkable and it only builds from there. A new mural styles is introduced that has an urban, artsy edge to it. Its high contrast black and white composition allows the Del Taco sun mark to pop with renewed energy. The only negative note is the in-store sign that reads, “Fresh as Del” which goes to show that restaurant brands still cannot resist a terrible, obtuse pun.

The new prototype isn’t only energetic in visuals, it’s pumped up the organization from the inside as well. “These efforts are expected to help enhance our targeted new unit return profile and expand our real estate access,” Cappasola said. “This will allow us to be opportunistic in regards to real estate and conversion opportunities as it includes a smaller footprint drive-thru-only model to accommodate smaller sites. The new prototype will include a modernized design, improved functionality, and other operational enhancements that will refresh the brand and position us well for growth in the future.”

This prototype has a lot of legs and we cannot wait to experience one in person. Well done, Del Taco.

Note: If you are the architectural firm in charge of this effort, please message us so we may credit you!


Del Taco concept design and prototype - front view night

Del Taco concept design and prototype - front view day

Del Taco concept design and prototype - top view

Del Taco concept design and prototype - drive through night

Del Taco concept design and prototype - drive through night 2

Del Taco concept design and prototype - drive through day

Del Taco concept design and prototype - interior

Del Taco concept design and prototype - front view tight shot

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