ROADHOUSE Font Family by Kimmy Design

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As designers, we know that choosing the right font for a certain project or brand is one of the most important things in the visual design world. We go into deep discovery-time-consuming-caves to try to find ‘The One’, and surely, this is not something to take lightly. People who aren’t designers are usually unaware of how much a type influences the way they feel about a brand or product. We do, and that is why we make it a point to carefully curate and provide our review on different typefaces.
Roadhouse by Kimmy Design, this typeface is inspired by traditional typeface of the 20th century in America. This type is meant to evoke the signage, printing, and graphic design of the time. Lettering at the time used to be heavy on textures, ornaments, and layering, that’s why this font family has over 30 different styles to make sure designers can achieve the desire and customizable look they want. This font is so unique and bold that it makes it a great fit for branding, packaging, and advertising projects.

ROADHOUSE Font Family by Kimmy Design

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