ALT Pizza branding evolution by Bravo

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I love the work coming out of Singapore right now. It’s challenging the standards found in the United States in a lot of ways. This project for ALT. Pizza is indicative of the level of design and innovative thinking that strikes me. This covers a brand evolution of the Alt. Pizza brand. You can find our coverage of the original look here.

The brand evolution for Alt. Pizza, the alternative pizza company, is spearheaded by vibrant colors unorthodox for your standard-issue pizza company. I mean, do we really need another brand driven by a red?

The Bravo team cleaned up the logo a bit making some good moves forward. I must say the capital “L” letterform still doesn’t jive for me. It doesn’t interact with the other letters effectively which creates a few objective design issues. They wouldn’t be too hard to fix. For example, the line dividing the parts of the “L” that overlap the “a” and “t” is way too thin.

Beyond that, the rest of the identity is remarkable. I get the feel of a gooey vibe with the typography and the blob-like illustrations that seek to be imperfect and organic.

This gooey-ness is offset by bold sans-serif typography that creates a statement in its stark contrast to the organic forms.

The color combinations may evoke a cliché “Mexican” vibe, but I don’t think the market of Singapore will pick up on that.

Designed by Bravo


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