Buller All In beer branding by Panco Sassano

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Designers often make a strong distinction between art and design. Where art serves the intent of the artist, design serves the purpose of communication. Where art is created to mean something while being viewed, design must mean something in memory. Et cetera et cetera.

The design for Buller All In beer by Argentinian designer Panco Sassano turns this distinction on its head, both literally and figuratively, with a suite of artfully illustrated kings, queens, and other supporting elements serving as the visual cornerstone for the wee heavy style beer.

The illustrative style references traditional heraldry and decorative motifs that serve to evoke the old-world flavor profiles of this malt-forward beer. And the can layout, despite layers of intriguing detail, follows strong hierarchy is perfectly navigable. In other words, maybe art and design aren’t so far apart after all. Nicely done, Panco!

Buller All In beer by Panco Sassano

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