Deeds Brewing Taproom by Splinter Society

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Over the past decade, the unstoppable rise of craft beer has led to an explosion of on-premise experiences in the form of taprooms. Initially, these experiences were characterized by a “behind-the-scenes” feel, to put it kindly. Many taprooms were scrappy affairs, thrown together in unused production spaces surrounded by kegs and populated by a small band of enthusiasts willing to take the plunge.

Deeds Brewing Taproom, while decidedly industrial, is far from scrappy. It reflects the impact of rising competition in taprooms and the need for cohesive, compelling retail environments that speak a brand language and can stand on their own apart from the charm of being attached to a brewery.

I love that this particular design pulls in a strong taproom heritage and re-invents it as something both industrial and elevated. The result is, in a sense, what you’d expect, but better. The circle motif references the stacked aging barrels and cylindrical tanks that are ubiquitous in breweries, yet provides room for creative interpretation as everything from soft barriers to unique lighting. It’s an opportunity for visual storytelling that embraces what we love about brewing while creating what taprooms have often lacked—a sense of care and hospitality for the guest. Bravo.

Deeds Brewing Taproom by Splinter Society

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