Harrods Chocolate Hall by Smith &+ Village

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If online retail put pressure on brick and mortar retail to create winsome experiences, the pandemic turned that pressure up to eleven. Fortunately for Harrods, the world-famous luxury department store, immersive shopping experiences are part of their DNA.

And we’re a big fan of the rebranding and packaging that Smith &+ Village (no, that’s not a typo) did for Harrods’ own brand confectionary, which is itself a cornerstone of Harrods’ Food Halls. Not only is the packaging opulently beautiful, but it leverages every sense, inviting shoppers to look, touch, and taste. In short, it flexes what on-premise experiences still own exclusively.

Smith &+ Village used every print and packaging tool at their disposal: embossing, foils, silky ribbons, and sensually glossy varnishes. In this way, each package becomes an art object in itself, allowing the graphic language to focus on the iconic H monogram with a few well-chosen typographic accouterments. Lastly, the vibrant romp of a color palette brings appropriate playfulness to the luxury brand.

After all, chocolate can be luxurious, but it should also be fun.

Harrods Chocolate Hall by Smith &+ Village

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