Budweiser Limited Edition Cans beer packaging by Deuce Studio

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I know a lot of creatives dream of working with a big name brand in their careers and for good reason. I mean, who doesn’t love adding a reputable logo to the wall? However, larger brands come with different challenges. Namely, how do you break the mold without breaking the brand?

The team at Deuce Studio showcases exactly how to accomplish that goal in their work for Budweiser’s “#RaiseABud” campaign.

The campaign ran this past labor day to celebrate the hardworking American’s out there. “We asked Budweiser drinkers to nominate a hardworking American, be it a friend, family member or colleague in their life by posting a picture of them on social media, telling their stories. Of the nominated workers, 10 lucky finalists received their name emblazoned on a personalized Labor Day Budweiser can, custom-made especially for them, with one individual winning three months’ worth of wages paid by Budweiser,” stated Jonny Aldrich in his submission form.

I love the way the team iterated on the classic iconography and style of the Budweiser brand in a way that created something fresh and new. Add in the personalization element and this campaign and packaging create a truly special moment that creates a bond with the Bud brand.

Designed by Deuce Studio
Strategy by Catherine McPherson
Typography by Tobias Hall
Illustration by Ollie Eskriett
3D Renders by Where Giants Roam

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