Pomatium Gin packaging design by Studio Boam

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Gin is always a spirit that hits high points yet never realizes lows. The momentum behind gin seems to constantly grow. With that comes exploration of new approaches to how it’s packaged and how brands can establish a distinctive look. 

The team at Studio Boam and the work of Alex Arzuman were put to task to do just that for this Normandy, France-based gin brand. And they certainly found that distinctiveness.

The packaging for Pomatium Gin is like peering into a classic storyboard rich will illustrations. In the case of the label design, the illustration is a lavish display of metaphor and hidden meanings. The more one peers and ponders, the more meaning one extracts.

That multi-layered experience creates a direct correlation to the gin itself: a multi-faceted flavor profile from the nose to the finish.

Get a deeper dive into the project at the Studio Boam website.

Designed by Studio Boam & Alex Arzuman

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