Forktales Ep 30 / Tejal Patel / President of Neem Tree Hospitality, Hotel Brand Niche, Positive Culture, and the Future of Hospitality

Tejal is a high-energy, positive vibes hospitality genius with a lot of insights into what’s happening today and what will happen tomorrow in the industry. From culture woes to niche brands, we discuss the path forward and speculate on what could be coming down the pike.

  • International Hospitality Industry – Board Member
  • AAHOA – Asian American Hotel Owners Association – Director of Western Division
  • Third generation hotelier
  • “No matter what’s going on in your life, you gotta put on a face and give the best that you can.” – Tejal Patel
  • Number one way to prevent burnout: Talk about it.
  • Fighting the Great Resignation
  • Focus less on why people leave and focus more on why do people stay? Home into that question.
  • Hotel brands creating niche sub-brands like Even Hotels, Moxy and Tru – Is it effective?
  • Everyone is coming out with lifestyle brands, soft brands, and youthful focused brands – it’s going to be common
  • Franchisees suing brands due to lack of support and hasn’t seen returns on the investment
  • Revisionist brands versus building from ground up
  • Hope we learned what makes our business really run – it’s not transactional
  • “What makes the hospitality run? It’s a spirit” – Tejal Patel
  • The ROI is based on what the people inside the four walls is doing for your customer
  • Equity and Inclusion are more important than Diversity – do we feel included? How are we cultivating our people?
  • It’s so hard to be resilient in this pandemic era, but try to talk to people and figure out how to help and support your people
  • Masterclass on Negotiation with Chris Voss
  • It’s important to excavate the full picture of issues instead of finding only one issue
  • Technology can help smooth over bumps in the experience while opening the door to better, stronger jobs
  • Rethinking new opportunities inside the hotel from ghost kitchens to full-time living in the hotel – what will continue on?
  • Working from the hotel room concept was a bust
  • A little skeptical of virtual kitchens but mostly because of the love of experiencing first hand
  • Hot takes on crypto and its role in becoming a real currency for hotel transactions
  • Some hotels have implemented so there’s a future for it, but it will be a slow rise and implementation

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