Forktales Episode 31 / Patrick Magill / Chief Growth Officer at Green Room Collective & Liberator of Imagination

Patrick is a former Coca-Cola executive and McDonald’s dishwasher as well as many other well-known brands. In his tenure, he’s amassing profound insights and valuable skills in locking imagination and creativity in leaders of all walks. In his newest post, he’s been putting those skills to good use in a consultative role. 

In this episode, we chat about the Great Resignation and how to attract top talent in the current reality. We unpack how brands can pivot to take advantage of new buying and shopping behaviors, and we weave in the idea of imagination and innovation.

  • McDonalds gave him a taste of being a steward for a brand, not just a customer-centric thinker.
  • Worked his way up through McDonalds and into Coca-Cola and learned a ton of lessons
  • Menial jobs and starting jobs gave insight into how restaurants operate and what it takes to make the back of house work
  • Went to University of Illinois
  • Had a radio show during college and was interested in an actor
  • Attended Second City Training Conservatory
  • Importance of holding a brand true at McDonald’s internship
  • Forayed into the Happy Meal toys company
  • Then moved to Coca-Cola working with restaurants and concessions
  • Role at The Green Room Collective combines everything known about brand and business into a perfect dream job
  • Goal at The Green Room Collective is to help team get unstuck around big problems they face.
  • Liberating minds and imagination
  • Restaurants are always something special even if you’re refueling
  • Discussed the Coca-Cola Alum putting out amazing thinking and expertise
  • All about insourcing creativity

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