Snap Pies Food Packaging & Branding by AllGood

This snappy brand identity and packaging design is another installment in the reclamation of the Art Nouveau design movement. Curvy, organic typography mix with soft floral pastel colors to create a scrumptious look and feel.

Art Nouveau is a wonderfully perfect style alignment with the product itself. Snap Pies are completely plant-based. And that’s not the only element of profound connectivity and symbolism that make this brand so strong.

“Snap” is a colloquial term to the Yorkshire area that means “lunch.” It’s a reference to the types of tins, called “snap tins,” that miners would take underground to their “office.”

This is the root of great design and brand strategy: Meaning. And the work for Snap Pies is chock full of it. Oh, and I hear they’re pretty darn delicious as well.

Designed by ALLGOOD

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  1. Snap pies is so cool. They do a great job with quick, direct, to-the-point messaging. They have an energetic color palette which works really well when paired with the simplicity of the messaging — contributing greatly to the brand personality. Overall the personality of the brand gives off a bright, fun, and playful energy and it’s very visible through the typography, color palette, and messaging.

    ALTHOUGH, I feel as if the style of photography could match the brand personality a bit better. As is, the photography is overall dark, the staging is static, and compared to the brand it just has a more serious/sophisticated look to it. While the photography itself is done really well and the pies themselves look beautiful, I think altering the photography to reflect the fun, bright, and upbeat energy that Snap Pies is all about could really bring this brand full circle — maybe staging imagery on flat color backgrounds or in bright settings, bringing in more subjects like the smiling beard guy, or even pulling through the “100% plant based” concept into visuals could all really help further advance the identity of Snap Pies.

    Snap Pies makes you smile, looks delicious, and definitely makes you want to try one…or two.

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