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A Vintage Second Effort For Texadelphia

A Vintage Second Effort For Texadelphia

Companies, especially restaurants, lose their way all the time. Vigor Branding’s fearless leader Joe Szala wrote earlier this year about three things that any restaurant needs to keep in mind when creating, innovating and running their businesses this year. One of the most poignant things Joe said related to staying active and moving forward in whatever you’re doing. “Do ANYTHING but sit back and watch the ship sink,” he wrote and that’s pretty much what happens when restaurants start a downward spiral that can be tough to get control of. Imagine Maverick in the flat spin heading out to sea. Once you’re about five spins in, you’re not going to get it back. Texadelphia, a southwestern restaurant franchise around since 1981, found themselves in this position and before the final blow came to their business, they asked One Fast Buffalo to step in and help them get things back on track. In this particular case, something drastic was needed — a simple brand tweak was not in the cards. OFB took the reins, studied, interviewed and ate lots of Texadelphia cheese steaks. The result was a massive overhaul of Texadelphia’s brand that included logos, uniforms, menus, napkins, boxes and an entirely new ad campaign to promote Texadelphia’s new look and new commitment to serving their customers. The brand is soaked in vintage appeal and the logo packs a Texas-sized punch. Vintage looks can be tricky, but One Fast Buffalo gave Texadelphia a vintage-influenced brand that stands out and encourages trust from their consumers.














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