New American Grill’s Stainless Steel Inspiration

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Working in branding, especially on the research and strategy side of things, you meet with clients often and you’ll hear a lot of interesting comparisons regarding what a logo should feel or look like. We kick off this week with New American Grill in Vermont and its designer Jessica Nichols. Nichols was told by NAG that the brand’s logo needed to be modern, unintimidating and feature the slickness of stainless steel. The results I think speak for themselves. The flame is a pretty universal symbol, but this version has enough curvature and color combos that it’s appealing. I love the font choices here. I think it’s bold and up front about what it is and I get the same vibe from the brand itself. My somewhat untrained eye sees a deep red for “The” in the name portion of the logo, but it doesn’t quite match the red in the flame. I’d love to see a little more consistency there, but in general I think this is a solid logo for this restaurant.






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