Buzina food truck advertising

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I hesitated to post this work. Although quite excellent I think it’s a bit unfair to set the bar this high. Buzina is a food truck in Brazil and the work was done by JWT Brazil. For those that don’t know, JWT is a huge global agency. With that size comes overhead and the prices to match. Needless to say, this small print campaign would have cost a fortune for a lonely food truck. A fortune they probably don’t have to spend. So, what happened is JWT most likely took the job as a way to do badass work to win awards. I’ve seen it done before. The work is awesome so I’m sharing it anyway, but please note. This level of work comes with a price tag that’s not feasible for most startups and small chains. Finally, print advertising alone isn’t going to see much of needle movement making this campaign complete masterbation. But it’s cool. I love it and here it is for you to enjoy.




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